Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Black Witchery


by Impurath


"The religion of brown"

I never thought of myself as a shit-lover, or bisexual, until one
night when I was out drinking with the rest of my band, Black
Witchery. We are 100% committed to being anti-life and anti-normal
society, so nothing surprises us. We are afraid of no sexual or
otherwise act. We were very drunk on malt liquor and whisky when we
came back to the garage we rent for communal living and band
practice. I was wearing my tight black BVD-style underwear, and it
is from when I was younger and lived at home, so it is drum-tight
across the ass. Because we had stopped for Mexican food on the way
home, my bowels were loose and hot, and I could smell escaping gas
leaking into the room as I laughed. My drummer must have smelled
this too because he got horny and stripped down to his underwear. I
said, what the hell, I am anti-life and I do not wish to have sex
with women as that could possibly procreate more humans!!! and I
hate humans!!! they are horrible. So all four of us were there in
our underwear and then my drummer says, "I have to shit." I got up
and wrapped a chain around the toilet in the corner and locked it
and said, "Go ahead." So he let fly with a few hard round turds that
bulged in his tight-fitting boxers, then a stream of yellow-brown
creamy fluid that blasted a stain through his meager underwear onto
the wall behind (it's okay, we're renting). At this point another
member of the band could see my hard member, and so he took it out
and stroked it... then put it in his mouth just as I clenched my
bowels and inflated my pants with hot, thick, sticky and disgusting
digestive byproduct. He gagged as I came, mostly from the stink but
also from the rancid load of sperm that must have been flavored by
the running brown afterbirth coating most of my lower body. Tragenda
put down his guitar and came over, licking my balls clean of the
hepatitic fluid, as Vaz put two stiff fingers into my still leaking
rectum. I have never had such a forceful or rewarding shit in my
life. I had not experimented much with men (outside of the band)
before this, and what followed next was a unique experience that I
will describe later. We all woke up in the morning, stuck together
with each others' shit and cum, and I felt that for once I truly had
escaped being human. If you like shit, or wetset sex, check out our
music at the web page below. We are evil but we like to feel the
brown ooze cling to us as we perform. 


"Pooing in leather pants"

When I was young, I first started having fantasies about filling my
pants with thick, stinking, greasy shit and how this would cause
shock and horror to everyone around me. Sometimes I imagined doing
it at church.

Many years later, I have kept this to myself and my band mates, who
understand that often the truest expression of romance is between
men who have escaped the fear of extremity. I do also sleep with
some women, when I can meet them at shows, but I do not prefer the
company of women. Only battle comrades!

I am in a moderately successful band which plays shows across the
world in a style of metal music that is not accepted by the same
people who would find pantshitting disgusting. However, many of our
fans still are not ready to take this final step toward seeing the
truth beyond. So we do not tell them.

However, I have never before shit my pants on stage. Last show we
played gave me a perfect opportunity. The "dressing room" was
actually a big area behind the stage where there were lots things
stored, like old machines and stage costumes in big brown cardboard
boxes. No one could see me so I brought my bag of toys and got
naked. First thing I did was to insert a rubber 12" black cock-style
dildo into my ass, and I rubbed my asscheeks together, feeling it
press hard into me and my submissive manly organ. It felt very good,
but I could not maintain an erection without the smell of shit.

Because of this, I became more excited at the idea of shitting
myself in front of other people. I wanted them to know what
happened, but I did not want to make it public in a way that others
could talk about later. I put on my favorite red lace teddy, which
is very femme and a gift from our guitarist, Tragenda, and then over
it my black leather pants and Beherit tshirt. When I moved the silk
lace slide over my buttocks and back, making me feel very sexy. But
still I was not erect or turned on.

I had prepared by eating a full meal at Taco Bell, but instead of
drinking soda I had pure water and ate two or three butter packets
from the restaurant, then had a couple of bran muffins and a chocolate
milk. Inside me the burbling tempest was beginning.

Before the show started, I took one of the fans they have to keep us
cool on stage and moved it so that it was blowing past my microphone
stand into the crowd. People were already chanting our band name and
pounding on the tables at the bar. I grabbed my instrument and we
ticked off and began.

Because I was stimulated, but not yet sexually aroused, this was one
of the most energetic shows we have ever had. My energy was growing
instead of going away, because of my little secret, which only I
knew was going to occur before the unsuspecting crowd. On our final
song, there is a part where I do a long and grotesque scream, and
during the middle of this, I pushed hard in the behind area and felt
a comforting warm ooze on my thighs and the bottom of my testicles
as a sickening stench filled the air.

The crowd must have smelled it, because the looks of horror on their
faces were immaculate! I did not want to let out my secret, so I
continued to crap myself while doing the show normally, and no one
knew. The only cleanup I did was to run back to the dressing room
before going out to meet the fans, where I wiped myself down with an
old sequin dress from the costume boxes and threw the hopelessly
soiled teddy into a corner. 


"Pantshitting at Temple"

One thing that has turned me on more than anything else about pooing
my own pants is the smell. That stench, so repulsive and deathlike,
that is what I crave. It is what other people would find most
disgusting about my little secret. For me however the smell of a
fetid dump always makes me rock hard.

Poo, glorious poo. Although I am from Latin America, I have strong
religious beliefs and attend a temple weekly. Naturally a house of
holiness is the most embarrassing, horrible, awful place to shit
oneself. This is something I have noticed every time I have

The old carpets and worn paper smell of the place would make me hope
and desire in my well-hidden lust for a chance to fill this place
with my horrible scent, to mark it forever with an act that is
unforgivable. I cracked a smile and thought, We'll see which forces
of nature or the gods are most powerful in me.

I picked a target date. Two days before, I purged myself with
laxatives and high-fiber and water diet, shitting it all into a
sailor costume. The smell was small but foul, like the worked over
remnants of a corpse in the desert sun. When I knew I was clean, I
began alternating peanut butter sandwiches with bean and chicken
burritos, topping each off with a Budweiser. Then some bacon. Cream
cheese. Broccoli, and soymilk. A gurgling began in my gut, and I
felt my testicles tense up at that thought.

All the day after that I conserved water, but ate eggs and fish and
chick peas, waiting until the early morning to drink enough water
that I felt like pissing again. But I held it. A slight trail of
sulfurous repulsive stench crept out of my ass, and I could tell
when I passed people they would be sniffing the air a minute and a
half later as the unwell smell approached them. Heh, heh. I hate
people so this was important to me.

When I got into the building that morning, I was wearing tight jeans
and a leather executioner's shirt. I had no disguise and so everyone
could see my face. I was smart however and did not go to my usual
congregation. Thus what happened next was anonymous for me, shocking
strangers I will never meet again.

Squeals of gurgle fought in my stomach. A groaning recognition of
inevitability let go somewhere deep within me. I clenched my ass
cheeks and held in a fermented liquid so corrupt it would send
people away from the lord. I held it. The service began and I
started to regret my plan. It felt like I was inflated with
something poisonous, something I had to get out of my body. Toxins
re-entered my blood stream and I turned greenish, all of my energy
going into not shitting myself right there. I knew I had to go
through with my desires.

The group chant began, with the priests intoning one side of a
devotional and the audience reading back the other half of each
line. I knew this one, and I had picked the service for it, as
planned by the detailed calendar in the office. My stomach was empty
but felt as if something rancid were near at hand, and its flopping
agony felt in me as a slow nagging feeling. I put down the event
program and got ready for my move. At the end of every round of
these question-answer things, the priest asks people to stand up and
recite a sacred syllable or two individually. When this began I made
eye contact with the priest nearest me, and stood a little taller,
my slimy buttocks pressed together where sweat and leaking poo had
formed a thick liquid. The priest called on me.

Instead of answering with something from a holy book, I said simply,
"I shit myself in public places" and cut loose. It was orgasmic, and
I blew a quick load into my pants staining the zipper area with a
creamy mucus. Not only was there a moving bowel sensation like none
I had ever had before, there was also a foul stench and even more,
an impressively loud pooing noise! In the absolute silence of an
audience expected sacred syllables, the resounding silence was like
an admission of confusion and everyone was staring at me, the only
one standing.

"Oh my god," said some woman behind me. "He's got crap in his
pants." I could feel every eye in the place move downward from my
head to look at my ass with its tight jeans and splatter of stain, a
greasy trail running down one leg and fecal liquid creeping out the
top of the jeans in back. "Do you need help?" someone called. I slid
away from my seat, now destined for alcohol and Lysol cleaning, and
called out, "No! Your disgust is all the help I need!"

I got into the parking lot and walked slowly toward my car, not
hurrying at all. A few stragglers saw my distant, fixed expression
and then inevitably began pointing and staring, as shit slowly
worked its way down the comparatively loose pantslegs and into my
shoes. Squish at the toes. In the last stretch before my car, and I
had planned this, I passed the daycare center where outdoor the
little children were playing in a sand-lined area of outdoor park
equipment. It got quiet as I walked past, at this point leaving
little brown dollops down the sidewalk. Finally one little boy slid
from a swing and ran inside crying "He pooped his pants! He pooped
his pants!" as I started smiling.

My car seat was lined with newspaper and a plastic bag to protect it
from the onslaught of stench. I drove home with the car windows up,
smelling myself and wondering how they kept going with the service
after that. By the time I got home I was hard again. 


"Taking the L out of POOL PARTY"

I have not posted here for some time because it seems many others in
the underground kvlt of metal warriors do not understand the place
in a hard man's heart for both wetset activities and love of another
man. This is their immaturity and is laughable in the face of the
ultimate evil and sadistic torment of all that is natural that black
metal represents. I have determined to overcome the cruel mockery of
my colleagues, and so I will share with you a little story.

Every year in our town a local church puts on a "block party" to get
people together. They have free watermelon, lemonade and cupcakes
and stuff. Lots of sugar foods. And of course, they have a pool for
people to swim in. This year I thought I would attend, as part of my
desire to show others my hobby and to experience their laughter and
shock without shame of my own. All my life people have made fun of
me for things like this, and I cum deep inside my own soul when I
have triumph over them.

The night before the event, I had my guitarist come with me for a
special mission. When we had completed our task, we were exhausted
and sweaty, hiding in the shade of a large tree. "This is great male
bonding activity," he said. "Piss on my face." So I laid back and
sent an arching stream up onto his face, gold splashing around his
eyes, and then kissed him for what seemed like an eternity. After
the brutal sex we had that night, I knew my sphincter would be more
than ready to open on command.

At home I ate two large hamburgers, a whole can of bean dip, and
several hard-boiled eggs. A sulfurous gas began to escape me, and I
felt a tingle of pleasure as the foulness crested my thighs after
leaking from my swollen and battered pink donut. I kept drinking
water, which I would alternate with coffee. For those of you who do
not know this trick, it increases the stench of your emissions by
alternately drying out and flooding the colon with water, causing
uneven decay in addition to the smell grafted onto your odor by
coffee itself. I could feel inside of me a blackness like death
itself, churning in my bowels, reaching for fresh air for its reward
of shock and horror and the unleashing of my orgasm. When I went to
sleep, I smiled at the thoughts of such foulness deep within.

The next day, it was bright and sunny, with a blue sky dotted by
clouds. I became excited upon waking up, but had to hold back until
it was 11:30, the time the pool party started. Gurgles from my gut
made me giddy with expectation. I knew this would be a crowning act
of my career of the obscenity of ordure.

As I had planned, the pool party was late in starting. Near the
barbecue and the food table, everyone was clustered, pointing toward
the water. I was wearing swim trunks, black, and a black tshirt, so
must have seemed disturbing to these people. I went to the food
table and got a chili dog and two cupcakes, and munching them walked
up to one of the guys at poolside.

"Are you here from animal control?"

"No I am here to find Jesus," I said. "What do you need animal
control for?"

The man worldlessly pointed toward the pool and I went over to look.
Somehow (and I have no idea how, of course) a large snake like the
one my guitarist used to own had gotten into the pool, and was
surface skimming in the shallow end. Not a soul was near the water.
I felt sort of bad for them then but I realized the worst was yet to
come. Rows of children, clustered around parents decked with towels,
sunscreen, beach clothes and water coolers. All waiting for the

"It's just a snake," I said.

"Well it could be a poisonous snake," the man said, greasy sweat
running down his nose, dripping onto his shirt. More waste. I was
excited, as a queasy instability coursed through my gut. Not much
time left now.

"I don't think it is," I said. "I'm going in anyway."

As I was taking off my shirt and going near to the water, some
lifeguard guy ran up with a megaphone as if he was going to shout at
me through it. "You can't go near the water! There's a snake!" he
said through clenched teeth.

"Give me that, I have an announcement." I took his megaphone and
turned to the crowd. A churning of dense morbidity stirred in my

"I am sure you are familiar with the story of the serpent in the
garden of Eden, and how evil that serpent was. In fact, you probably
don't like evil much, do you?" There were brief noises from some of
the adults.

"Let me tell you this: that serpent had feelings too. He was a freak
and did not fit into your plans, but he had a right to be himself
too. But no one sees it that way, of course, because most people are
afraid of that serpent."

A couple parents shooed kids to the other side of the food table.

"Let me tell you something else. I can identify with that snake in
the pool, and that serpent on the apple tree. You would not tolerate
any of us. To you, we are freaks, we are sick things, we are evil."

I paused, letting dramatic intensity flare up as the first brownish
liquid leaked past my furiously tensed sphincter.

"You should not condemn what you fear." I put down the megaphone and
took two steps toward the water, my swimsuit tight on my ass and
beginning to stick from the ruddy ooze.

Some guy in a suit shirt was standing at the edge of the pool,
saying, "You can't go in there! There's a poisonous snake! We have
to stop him!"

As two older men from the church advanced upon me I skipped up onto
the diving board, feeling like a young child, or a diva, perhaps.
The reek of sulfur and decay was detectable to me now, but my nose
is attuned to such things. "You will never stop the serpent," I
said, and dove into the water.

With my gut that full of teeming bacteria and an unwise mixture of
liquids and solids, the impact on the water's surface was enough to
start my colon pulsing, but I went further and gritting my teeth
squeezed out with all my might, thinking of a toothpaste tube.
Simultaneously, I began kicking in a breastroke style to cross the
pool, still underwater from my dive.

A brown streak several feet wide followed me as my lower intestine
cleared itself of fermenting waste.

When I came to the surface, I could hear a disappointed gasp from
the children, and I took one quick look over my shoulder to see a
murky brown wave spreading through the pool as an oil slick of
grease trapping bits of partially digested hamburger rose to the
surface. The stench was spectacular. The snake had found his way out
through the filter and was heading for the tall grass at the far end
of the lot. Church men were closing in. I heaved myself from the
pool and broke into a run, their cries of dismay and disgust
following me back into town. 

About Impurath

Impurath is lead vocalist/bassist for Florida "black metal" heavy
metal band Black Witchery. Although publically he is anti-Jewish,
anti-Hispanic, anti-gay and anti-Christian, in his after-hours time
Impurath is a former Orthodox Jew from South America who is bisexual
and volunteers at his local church. Black Witchery, whose second
album broke black metal sales records, remain popular among the
American contingent of metal bands.

An interview with Impurath:

Q: Greets, Impurath. Could you tell us a bit about Black Witchery,
old/new influences, etc?

A: Black Witchery was formed in late '96 with the sole intentions of
creating the most dark, evil and devastating black war holocaust
metal ever! Influences are Blasphemy, 1st Sarcafago LP, old Bathory
(mainly the faster songs), Lord Diabolus demo, etc.

Q: You recently released your new album, Desecration of the Holy
Kingdom. Are you pleased with the outcome of it? What about with
FMP? Do you have any other band news to tell us?

A: Not completely, there are things that we would have liked to have
been better, but overall it's a very effective tool for crushing and
perverting peoples minds and souls. FMP has been great to us, never
any complaints.

Q: I see that you connected with Desmond Sia for the artwork on
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom. I thought he had disappeared from
the scene, guess I was wrong. What made you consider him and get
into contact with him?

A: Well, using that fucking little jew was probably the worst
decision we made--he overcharged FMP ridiculously and the CD cover
looked so fucking lame that we blacked out about 70% of the fucking
thing to make it look grim! The only art Sia ever did that looks
killer is all the Impiety art--all his other work is stupid looking
bullshit! Fuck off to Desmond Sia.

Q: What does metal music mean to you? What was your first experience
with it and how has it affected your life?

A: I have been into the underground since 1990 and first started
listening to metal at age 12. I worship only the real chaotic and
heavy, brutal, unholy black metal onslaughts!

Q: Do you feel it is necessary for bands that have truly extreme
music to be Satanist in image or anti-christian beliefs?

A: Yes.

Q: Where did Black Witchery derive your names (Impurath, Tregenda,

A: Ritualistically.

Q: I think that grind, death, and black can all create great bands,
but as you are familiar with in black metal, each genre has a lot of
shit bands that ruin it's image and take away from the extremity.
How do you feel towards other genres of music?

A:I never liked grind except for Repulsion, Nuclear Death, etc--only
the really sick and extreme harsh ones without stupid political
motives. (Agreed--Ed) For death metal I only like true dark and
heavy (not technical garbage) death from the real brutal demons!
Fuck off commercial "death" (life) metal!

Q: How do you feel towards NSBM bands?

A: Fuck that whole feeble trend! Weak fucks clinging to the most
backwards beliefs ever--Fuck all of them!

Q: Black Witchery's music revolves around hate and negativity.
Agreed, these are necessary elements for any metal release with any
extremity or harshness, as well as absolutely necessary elements of
life. Allow me to mention how Varg Vikernes (fag) said that he can
be completely negative and hateful towards society yet be loving
towards his daughter and wife. Do you think that in life there
should be a balance of negative/positive emotion and thought? Or do
you think otherwise?

A: Well, one cannot exist without the other but I personally would
like to see little Burzum boys' wife get gangraped and his daughter
to be ripped apart by savage wolves-- I don't care about this topic

Q:How do you gather energy for your live attacks? You put on very
pummeling and negative shows, how do you prepare and come through
with the shows?

A: It's an undescribable lust for the death of all falses and also
to completely crsh all of the lame bands we've had the misfortune of
playing with. When I see 4-5 mortals onstage playing transparent
bullshit in the name of black metal, it makes me want to destroy
every hope and dream they've ever had as a band and torment their
souls violently!

Q: What about your social/philosophical/... views? Do you consider
Black Witchery to be satanic purely in religion, in philosophy, or
simply in it's anti-christian imagery? As I have always said, people
who need to use Satanism or any religion/"anti-religion" as a crutch
to create an identity or to think... are as sheep-like as the xians.
What are your thoughts on this?

A: I won't sit here and "preach" about Satanism. This fucking scene
is so incredibaly overrun by these philisphocial political fucks
that it almost makes me want to disaccociate myself with all of
these childish devil worshippers and yes, you are right, it seems
like all of these newer "satanic" bands seem to have a very immature
and underdeveloped intelligence level in their lyrics/views/music
and should be scoffed at by any real satanic elitist!

Q: You are one of the few people I have talked to that worships
Revenge and Conqueror as much as I do. Not to dwell on other bands,
but what do you feel makes bands like Conqueror, Revenge, Blasphemy,
and Black Witchery so important and worthy in the black metal world?

It's obvious in the music!

Q: Do you feel that technical or softer metal bands have any place
to play metal? Or do you feel that they should throw in the towel
and quit?

A: Yes they should quit and give guitar lessons since they are so
wonderful at playing, their scales and arpeggios! Fuck them!

Q: What do you see in the future for black metal? What about for
metal in general?

A: I hope it dies (for the trendies) but as long as I breathe,
satanic metal will be defended 'til death!

Q: Enough of me asking about your feelings and the such. Thank you
for doing this interview Impurath, any final words?

A: All true iron goat elitist contact:

Black Witchery
PO Box 195416
Winter Springs, FL 32719-5416

Interview by Sulfurous with Impurath of Black Witchery

Q: Witchery rised from the ashes of Irreverent, tell us about this
previous band and what brought its downfall.

A: IRREVERENT was formed in late '90 as a three piece black/death
metal band, we played very dark and primitive brutality and got many
praises from people/bands in the underground such as Jeff(Vital
Remains), Sakis(Rotting Christ), Demoncy, Vorphlak(Samael), etc...we
released a demo in '91 titled "Inverted crucifixion" which basically
sounded like a cross between Blasphemy and old Autopsy, in '92 we
released another demo which had more of an aggressive black metal
feel to it...the subject matter of the band was of an extremely
blasphemous nature(hence, the name) as well as some occult inspired
stuff mainly provided by the drummer of Irreverent(Darkwolf)....we
were also very young at the time and really had no viable resources
to properly promote the band so we decided to quit writing our own
songs and to play old Bathory and Hellhammer covers for ourselves,
this only lasted about 2 months and then, due to lack of interest,
the band fell apart and became a virtually unknown band with a very
undergound, almost cult status. Every now and again, I'll contact
someone today who possesses those old demotapes so I am glad to see
there are still some real die-hards left in the scene!

Q: Tell us about the formation of Witchery and your work as a two-
piece band.

A: The original line-up was a two piece with myself on bass/vocals
and Darkwolf(also from Irreverent) on drums/guitars...Darkwolf had
written several songs in between both bands which eventually became
the first Witchery compositions...we recorded a rough 2 song promo
tape in late '96 and spread it rather minimally to only a few true
people left in the underground. The two songs on this tape are more
of a mid paced, eerie sounding stuff, compared to the songs we have
now....also, the lyrics were varied; some lyrics were of a
ritualistic, occult nature(written by Darkwolf) and then, the
traditional profane, hateful type lyrics that I am accustom to

Q: Why did Darkwolf leave the band and why did you decide to
increase your roster to a three-piece? What do Tregenda and Vaz
contribute to the band?

A: Darkwolf left the band due to his massive disgust of today's
scene and I summoned Vaz(apocalyptic deathhammers) and
Tregenda(hellish six string holocaust) into the coven of evil, and
they brought a much more violent, raging force into the band as well
as the ability to play live and do our recordings live as
well....They are both very like-minded, extreme individuals as well
and are totally dedicated to the band, which is something very
important; they also play with fury and conviction, unlike 99% of
the so called black metal bands today. We recorded the "Evil Shall
Prevail" demo with this line-up and since then, the newer
compositions we have written with this line-up are darker, more
evil, and far more destructive than anything ever written in the
band before...we shall NEVER progress musically...the only thing
that progresses in our music is the level of extremity and

Q: Tell us about the name change to Black Witchery and your work
under this name so far.

A: We changed the name to BLACK WITCHERY due to unfortunate
circumstances involving the weak, retro-shit band on Necropolis and
we released the "Summoning..." 7" on Dark Horizon records.... this
ep was very well received and actually has sold out of the 1,000
copies pressed(except for the last 15 that I still have)...After
that we recorded the "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" split lp with
CONQUEROR(also released on Dark Horizon Recs.) which is our most
furious and barbaric recording to date. We also played a few shows

Q: Tell us about the new band logo and the ones that came before it.

A: The new logo is completely wicked and grim looking and fits our
music perfectly. It was conjured by the same artist Christopher S.
from Belgium who has done many logos for other bands in the past. He
also did our original "Witchery" logo which we later altered to
"Black Witchery", we weren't completely satisfied with it because it
was pieced together so I had several different artists do logos and
finally we got one that looks evil and morbid. The new logo also
looks somewhat unique which is also important, too many bands have
similar logos nowadays and we needed one that stands out.

Q: You define yourself as "Unholy Barbaric War Metal"; is that
because the term "black metal" has been overused by too many
shit/poser bands and "UBWM" better defines your musical and lyrical

A: Yes, absolutely... most of today's so called "black metal" has
become so mindless and wretched that I am almost embarrassed to be
called "black metal" and most bands who call themselves "black
metal" have no real darkness, evil or power in their music. Besides,
we play cruel, ugly and violent metal only to be worshipped by true
unholy black/war metal elitists! All the others mean nothing to

Q: People sometimes associate Black Witchery with other American
"black metal" bands like thornspawn, krieg, judas iscariot, etc.,
etc. What do you think about this?

A: I do not think we sound anything like any of the bands you
mentioned so therefore, we aren't "associated" with them at all.

Q: Your music is extremely fucking raw and barbaric, what kind of
environment are you in when creating/writing music and lyrics?

A: We create music only to invoke the aura of total darkness, evil
and blasphemous hatred....all three members of the band contribute
to songwriting and we are very critical of what kind of parts go
into each song as we want EVERY song to be a fucking TRUE barbaric
anthem...not to have 3-4 killer tracks and then some mundane filler
songs; we are not going to be another Marduk and release 2-3 albums
every year...we are writing this album to sound like an album, not a
collection of "songs".

Q: How did you get in contact with FMP and decide to release the
full-length with them? Do you plan on working with them in the

A: Thorns has been a good friend of ours for a very long time and he
asked us to work with him, I am hoping he will put a lot of effort
and resources into the band to help spread our hatred and terror..I
think it is most important for a label to release only TRUE CULT
hordes and let all the feeble follower bands die out, I originally
wanted to release our debut on LP only so that all of the trendies
couldn't listen to it, but I guess that idea isn't very marketable
to record labels..ha!

Q: What can we expect from "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" and how
does it differ from all of your previous works?

A: A total onslaught of grim, unholy black/war metal played with
aggression and pure demonic hatred!!! This lp will be far more
violent and evil than any of our previous work and we will not make
the mistake of overproducing it or having a fancy layout as most
nowaday, so called "black metal" bands do; it will be massive
sounding but at the same time very raw and is
definitely going to be a milestone release as far as US black metal
goes and everyone can expect NOTHING but extreme darkness and

Q: Explain the artwork on the cover...

A: An inverted cross, the infernal serpent-goat, a head of christ,
skulls, etc. Overall, it is totally grotesque, diabolical
hellustration of unholy blasphemy!!!!! I have not seen the actual
piece yet but this is how it was described to me by the artist,
Desmond Sia...he has also done pieces for IMPIETY, ANGELCORPSE(the
latest shirt and the upcoming cd of old stuff that OSMOSE is
releasing), ABHORRENCE, and some others...he is truly an amazing
artist and he creates some of the most wicked and grim pieces of
morbidity I have witnessed since C. Moyen(whose art is featured on
the Black Witchery/Conqueror split)!!! He is creating the cover
especially for us and it shall rightfully represent the album.

Q: Tell us about your live shows. How do you incorporate the
misanthropy and satanism into the stage show? Do you plan to put
more money into your live performances?

A: Our live shows are extremely violent and dark and we are very
confident in our performances. Our music comes across even more
hateful and devastating live and we feel it is important to
incorporate elements such as smoke, black robes, candles, bone
masks, bullet belts, chains, Baphomets, etc. to create the right
sort of atmosphere...for our next shows we are planning on making
huge black inverted crosses as well.

Q: Do you think that music by itself is too safe and that
underground bands should make their shows much more dangerous?
Shouldn't this be done to scare off all the wimps and "faint-of-
heart" gutless fags that pollute the underground?

A: Yes.

Q: Tell us about your trip to Canada and the show with Blasphemy.
What will be your involvement with them in the future?

A: The show with BLASPHEMY was fucking incredible to say the was a total holocaustic deathmarch and a great honour to
play with the cult Ross Bay Desecrators at their first show in
nearly eight years...we got an unbelievable response from the
crowd(along with Blasphemy) and BLASPHEMY live was the most crushing
performance I have ever witnessed, they are great friends and
supporters of BLACK WITCHERY and we are planning on assembling a
Blasphemy/Impiety/Black Witchery tour next year. It will be the most
vicious and sadistic bloodbath of live black metal desecration ever!

Q: Florida is dominated by Death Metal bands, what do people think
when they hear and see Black Witchery? What is your opinion of the
Florida scene overall?

A: Many people in Florida only listen to bands who put fucking
twelve time changes in each song, and write "songs" made up of
leads, technical riffs, theory and type-writer drumming without
aggression or fury. I do not care what these people think of us and
I don't listen to any albums that have come out of Florida since
"Altars of Madness". We do have many friends in local deathmetal
bands but as far as their opinions on us, you would have to ask

Q: The presence of Satanism is strong in your imagery and lyrics,
are the members of Black Witchery Satanists, Occultists or something

A: We are Satanic elitists. We are very influenced by darkness,
evil, the occult, demonology, black arts, misanthropy, and
everything which surrounds this...I don't like the term "Satanist"
anymore due to the huge saturation of modern black metal and
"satanic" death metal(ha, ha)...every fucking band now claims to be
Satanic and mostly none of them have any sort of True darkness or
power in their music...

Q: Do you think Satanism and Death Metal don't mix?

A: Only if the band plays brutal and morbid, extreme death metal,
which isn't very common these days. I am just tired of the bands who
played death metal when it was trendy and then started wearing
spikes, warpaint, pentagrams, etc. when black metal became trendy.

Q: Tell us more about the ideology that the members of Black
Witchery hold.

A: Misanthropy towards all. Darkness Prevails....

Q: Without flooding you with questions about organized "satanic",
occult, heathen, etc. groups, tell us your stance on anti or non-
judeo organizations and beliefs.

A: I don't care about it. I hate ALL religions and anyone who has to
join a fucking lame "Satanic" organization is a fucking sheep
follower and might as well join the local monastery.

Q: What do you think of the bible's depictions of Hell, heaven, god,
Satan, the holy trinity, the Anti-christ, etc.? Is some of your
Satanism derived from the bible? Do you think its interpretations
have merit or do you see the bible as just pure judeo-

A: I do not believe in fucking Biblical prophecies and our lyrics
are a total desecration of all of these beliefs. I do not have to
follow anyones ideologies or "Nine Satanic Statements" or any of the
fucking nonsense.

Q: What is your opinion of "satanic" bands like Acheron? Do you
support bands with different satanic, occultic, etc. ideologies?

A: I respect ACHERON for their longevity in the scene and also for
being one of the first American bands to play black metal. I met
Vince quite a while ago and I do like their first 2 demotapes. I
support bands who are sincere in their beliefs and who worship

Q: Do you view Satanism and devil worship as the same or different?
What is your definition of a Satanist?

A: I do not care to preach about Satanism but I will say I do not
respect the "devil worshipping" type attitudes that many individuals
and bands seem to have nowadays....true Satanism is a movement based
on knowledge, self-gratification and realism while "devil worship"
is pointless and childish. I think if more bands would spend less
time worrying about preaching their beliefs and more time on writing
fucking evil and sadistic violence, with ugliness, hatred and
malice, then they wouldn't have to talk as much because the
music/lyrics say it louder. You can tell if a band is really into
what they're doing by their sound and I think we are one of those

Q: What reading material would you recommend to those interested in
Satanism, demonology, the occult, etc.?

A: Check the local occult shops or mailorders...I would only pay
attention to dark arts, black witchcraft, chaos magick, etc. and
NEVER support any feeble white light wiccan practices. I would also
etc. as far as occult metal(which is always more important, isn't
it?) is concerned.

Q: At your web-page it says that the entire basis of Witchery's
existence is to portray darkness, hatred, and the wrath of evil in
the unholy and aggressive manner which signifies the TRUE primitive
feeling which our forefathers of Metal created in their time. Which
bands influenced Black Witchery's raw and destructive form of Metal
most? Does it piss you off that many of those bands were not sincere
in their satanic ideology?

A: We are influenced by the 1st 4 BATHORY lps(mainly the faster
songs), BLASPHEMY, LORD DIABOLUS demo, 1st SARCOFAGO lp, etc. and
ALL of those bands were more sincere at the time of those old
releases than just about all of the bands to come out in the past
ten years....if you mean bands like Venom, Kreator, Death, Bathory,
Sarcofago, Destruction, Sodom, Celtic Frost, etc. all wimping out
then yes, that does aggravate me but that's why I ONLY listen to the
old lps and that's why bands like BLASPHEMY are the best.

Q: Which current bands in the underground do you think have real
darkness, evil and power in their music?


Q: What are your plans after the release of the full-length?

A: To spread death and terror.
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